Professional Technology Services

LifeBiscuit provides technology services to businesses. Our knowledge and experience with technology allows businesses to focus on things that matter most to their business instead of spending unnecessary resources, time and money by maintaining technology on their own.


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Server Management


We can help you deploy server for all kind of applications. Our server management plan include proactive software updates and service monitoring to ensure everything is running smoothly. We respond quickly to all monitoring alerts.

Network Management

Computer/Network Support

We can help you build a secure and fast network for your business. In addition to network support, we also provide computer support for your business. We can help you setup new computers, repair current computers, and install any software you need.

Network Management

Technology Consulting

Have an idea for your business but you aren’t sure how to bring it to life? We can help you! We can help you plan your technology needs, build new servers, plan your network, plan your infrastructure scalability, etc. You come to us with the idea, and we’ll make it happen.